Saturday, July 6, 2013

What I love about India

is the sheer humanity of the people here.

From the chai-wallah on the "footpath" to the Aunty at the gym, who offers me a "lift home", people are so humane and talk to each other here.
Sure, there is corruption etc etc. but people carry themselves with a dignity and grace and the poorest of the poor have a divine glow- sense of decorum about them, that I haven't seen anywhere. Everyone wants to work hard, without making a big deal about it.. and people have this sense of connectedness to the human race, that I haven't seen anywhere else.

There is a decency and grace  to the air, and no amount of "potholes" and bad roads can dilute the air of humanity, that pervades this land of Gandhi and Gautam..
I can FEEL them here-- and perhaps why they were born in this culture..its the mango and peepul tree, which gives shade to all

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