Monday, September 2, 2013

Home work, Part deux

Now, that I've decided to be a writer - the serious kind. I have to do Homework.
The serious Kind.

Homework for the week is:

Read Tejpal.
Read Tejpal.
Read Tejpal.

Not necessarily in that order.

Love what Le Figaro said about his fist book- mastered and honed and crafted like a Surkh Kukkad, chicken tikka from the heart of the Punjab.

‘This Indian masterpiece is like a voyage down the Ganges, long and infinitely pleasurable; the only thing that worries you is getting to the end too soon’ - FIGARO

And the reason he is such an inspiration..couldn't have been said better than by Paul Zacharia. Qouting two of my favorite writers, both having originally been top-notch journalists.
"Those two journalists, Marquez and Hemingway will be proud of their tribesman, Tarun J Tejpal."

Here is classic Tejpal and why he makes me want to push and write.. and create. A company or a book, its about breaking new boundaries.

"What excites me is still the original mandate of literature -- the pushing of boundaries, the fostering of new ways of seeing, the opening up of new windows. A lot of writing of the last 20 years is descriptive -- one culture describing itself to another culture. That kind of writing doesn't interest me. Safe books bore me. Literature ought to always remain the outrider of society, the advance party of civilization.."

More on his Surkh kukkad compatriot, Mohsin Hamid in the next part. Him of the "Moth Smoke" ringlets, in the city of the Sikhs, kukkads and Anarkali - I.e Lahore.

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