Friday, September 20, 2013

Leela's Republic

As she ferried passengers across the river, Leela sang songs of the great Republics, ruled by women beyond the Great Himalayas.​.
- 'Leela's Book', Alice Albinia

Leela cannot be tamed.

However much you try put her in saris and jewels or cover her with 'hijabs'.
her inner luminosity shines through
beneath the veneers of the masculine.

The society that defines her-- tries to define her, never can tame her.
Leela, whom they all tried to master but never could conquer.
(Like her Republic..)

Leela' of the Buddhist Pali scripts and the Urdu poetry..
Leela who sails down Benaras with her poems and smokes Gauloises in Khan Market's coffee-bookshops.

Leela who listens to rock music beneath thee full moon, as Pink Floyd teaches her 'Learning to Fly'.
Leela whom he tried pin down, but could never the tame.
The "H.." nationalist who spoke of Russia..he may have gagged her for a moment, but he could never silence her.
The 'mullahs' in liberal garb, who tried to 'cover' her like a hausfrau,. but could never hide her truth.

Leela's returned.. with her pen and her scribe.. her long black open hair.. beneath the Delhi sky.. black kohl in her eyes.
to her Republic..
Her Beloved.


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