Wednesday, May 22, 2013

010101..High on the Cloud

Binary Blip.

Binary is the blip of the Morse code and the computer signal.
The NYSE's index fluctuates up and down, based on binary blips.
As does the START. and STOP. codon of the human genome.
Fourier signals are binary, with the higher the Fourier score, the more "Periodic' the signal.
Signals maybe be binary, cosine or sinusoidal..but the point is to read them.

Trig (nometry), tells us that any periodicity can be quantized in discrete units, including the fluctuation of the stock market and the expression of cancer genes.

The quantification of dispersed/scattered signals represents one of the most significant achievements of the human mind. It is best represented spectrum of Light, with the seven frequencies/wavelengths representing discrete-ness in a continuum, otherwise invisible to the naked eye.
But which makes our world. Much like the all the other signals..beneath it all.

Now to go read the stars and the blips on the screen of the NYSE. (Perhaps this is why I love the DNA and NYSE so much. The manifestation of discreteness, in an otherwise chaotic world).
Entropy is inversely proportional to world order.

The NYSE smells signals.. as does DNA.  The (Exchange) Floor is the Cell. The incubus of ideas, where vortexes are smelt, fused, siphoned off and exited into lesser chaotic states,
Maintaining Steady States. The summum bonnum of the cell and the Stock Index.
Anything which revves up it's periodicity..whacks it's signals out of sync, is a radar to discontinuum. To chaos.
To the "Chechnya state" Russian oligarch/mafia-style capitalism.
A Chaos State.
(How ironic isn't it? The Russians were among the first to propose the ideas of the Chaos theory and the Steady state. I feel humbled even taking their names).

A signal transduction of chaos, which warns the system to shut down, optimize or control parameters.
Cells know when to shut-off, turn-on, open and shut gates..turn genes on and off.. and if something goes out of module, chaos ensues.
The cancer drugs making their debut on the market today.. reflect on this well-modulated ability of human cells to turn chaos into exquisite patterns, built on light.
Called LIFE.
Should a cell slip up, trip, forget to turn on/off a gene.. on time, Chaos ensues.. and tumor markers go ballistic. The markets get out of sync and the brokers start jump out of windows.
Now we don't want that, do we Neo?
It's time to shut down the Matrix.

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