Friday, May 17, 2013


Akad ki bhi auqaat hoti hai.
Aur yeh jageh hamari hai.
(Attitude comes with it's own class. And that place is mine..)
- Varun Dhawan, Student of the Year.
At the guts of it, it's all about the goal.

I am a goal-getter.
A driven, furious, jet-driving Maverick, who grew up driven by airplanes (at one of the private schools run by the Indian Air Force, of the 10% selected students from "Non-Air Force" families).

And on top of it, I have the heart of that Punjabi man..not the ethnicity, but the guts, the drive, which turned refugees into conquerors of the world's toughest cities.
As my friends tease me "You have the looks of a Deepika-type girl but the heart of a Punjabi man".

Even my beloved sister, gets bemusedly scandalized sometime. "Gosh you are such a Punju yaar.." Them being the elite, sophisticated Lucknowi/Awadhi girls..Not that I cannot speak Urdu or recite shayri/poetry.
But beneath that Urdu speaking veneer - (and singing ghazals since I was a kid), I have the heart of that Punjabi man.
The go-getter, driven Maverick, "Varun Dhawan" types.

I need to WIN to breathe.
I need to fly, to be.
I need to win, to live.
To be the BEST. of the BEST.

I always have..
and nothing and nobody stops me now.
The girl, who was miffed coz she couldn't store a "hatrick" in the National Science Boards in India - with a 92% in ALL 3 science subjects (Physics, Chem and Biology). And "only" got it in Bio and Chem.

I am not hiding it anymore, trying to be the ingratiating wannabe "hausfrau".
If a guy was to brag about his ISA (Insecure High achiever) personality and being miffed about not scoring the 92% in ALL Science subjects, he would be LAUDED as an achiever.

But winning, isn't enough.
BEING the best is.. and getting better is..better than the BEST.
And I will do it.
That F14/MIG is calling.
That I saw every morning for 12 years, while going into "work" i.e school.
Competing with the best of the best.
The Elite.
And now the time is back.
The pilot is returning.
The engine is revving..
the runway is waiting..
Maverick is striding to the wing-deck.
Helmet in hand.
"I feel the Need.
The Need for Speed".
Time to go Mav..

As someone wisely said:
You can take the Maverick out of the plane.
But you cannot take the plane out of the Maverick.. 

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