Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recipe for Success, aka Dilli-waali Girl

sIGNAL tod-taad ke, aaya Dilli waali..
- 'Dilli-waali girlfriend', YJHD

There is Dire Straits.
There is black coffee.
There is DNA.
There is Morrison and Boyds (O-Chem)
There is Angstroms, Volts and Nano meters.
There is that stairway to heaven, that American company..rising into the sky.
Trailing nucleic acids..
digital fingerprints.
of god,
as Mark Knopfler plays his third riff with
the 3th degree Fourier transform frequency.

Or is it Mark Zuckenberg, the boardroom billionaire?
Or perhaps my pals Sergei (Brin) and Larry (Page) (who founded Google, in a Stanford garage)
They always remind me of an erstwhile rockband pairs, like Lennon-McCartney or one of those classic bands of the 70s.
After all, this is the generation that broke the Berlin wall, invented the Internet, broke the Human Genetic Code, colonized Mars, created Tweets and more.
Yes, that's our generation.
The GESTALT dudes.
We used to love that word.
Me and my buddies.. most of them guys.
Geeks, geniuses, lovers, pagal ashiqs.. but we were the Sikandars. A la the movie.

GESTALT is also one of the most cutting bioinformatics software on the planet. It was created by this geeky genius, Gustavo Glusman from the Weizzman Institute in Israel (where else :). Interestingly he is now based in Seattle - another abode of the geeky systems genetics generation (GSGG:), that the world so loves to watch. GSGG.. doesn't that sound like some sort of Morse code. Well it is. There are companies, paying billions right now, to solve it. The language of the Double Helix.
Which continues, to mystify, lure, delude, decide, heal, create us.
And we are paying billions for it.
You can visualize billions of genes and protein sequences, by inputting the base code, from your laboratory data.
So, the BioInformatics revolution.
How could I forget that. We are also the Bioinformatics generation.

And then my BF honks his 100 cc below, his O-Chem is done
and he's just solved his 4th differential equation for the day.
"Want to go for a drive and then some Nirulas 'Tooti Frooti' ice cream?
You need a break, yaar."
C'est la vie.
Then we all get back to our Ivy league grind.
reading Russian poetry.
All the guys aka buddies I knew back then, were math, physics whizzes, hooked to Pink Floyd, Aamir Khan movies, unrequited love
and are now entrepereuers in Silicon valley or breaking barriers one way or another.
I've got to be get back being one of gang. 

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