Monday, May 13, 2013

Raas Leela

So, He is telling me.
Where have you been, my Leela?

I have waited for you for so long, but you were so busy wandering around the planet and places..
Never turning to look back and see who was always with you.

You ran away from the Madhuban/wooden grove, but thought I wouldn't find you.
You turned and moved away from me..but I still waited.
You heard my flute playing, but chose to ignore it..
I called you out from the wooded groves, in the raincloud, that you love so much.
In the peacock, outside your window..
in the dance of the sawan/monsoon..but you turned away.

You wandered, not knowing, you were always mine.

You saw me in the DNA molecule and heard me calling in the explosion of light.. That the Atomic Fusion generated.

I was always there..
Your blue raincloud..
and I will never leave you.
Because you were always mine.

Now you are coming home..
covered with gulal.
to your blue raincloud..

Wandering through the bylanes of the little town
to the riverbank..
where I stand waiting,
with my flute.


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