Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fuel for the Starship: Bollinger Bands + Greek Yoghurt

1 Box: Chobani, Non-Fat Greek yoghurt.
1 Box: Nature Valley, whole oat, granola bars.
1 Box: Tazo Zen Green tea. With lemongrass. Lemon Grass is key.
1 bottle: Nescafe classic instant Black coffee.

Spotify/Playlist of the most motivating 80s-90s songs, including Top Gun, Dire Straits, Tarzan Boy, some early 90s dance, Pink Floyd.
A snapshot of Lennon/Jobs/Douglas or Tom Cruise from Wall St. or Top Gun.
A live feed of the NYSE, running on your MAC/Laptop..Blip blip blip.
Dip half a cracked granola bar into half a cup of the Greek yoghurt.
Brew a cup of Tazo tea and add Stevia to sweeten, as needed.
(If needed, break a piece of bread later and dip into plain yoghurt).
Hit the Play button.
Think of Brin and least once every 4 hours.
Alternate brewed black coffee with green tea.
Think Jobs/Brin-Page/Lennon/NYSE index.. and the Double Helix.. coiling-uncoiling, in time.
I get high on Bollinger Bands too. They go particularly well with Greek yoghurt.

BTW, remember the internal and external mind games are going to get really intense.. Watch out for them.

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